Class JBrowCapsTagExtraInfo


public class JBrowCapsTagExtraInfo
extends TagExtraInfo

This class is only called at translation time and for page validation.  The translation time call is the important one.

Sample usage:

 <jbc:useCss cssFile='<%=getServletContext().getRealPath("EN.css")%>'
             stylesheet="url"    // url points to the same stylesheet file as specified for cssFile
             strict="false"      // optional
             declare="h1, h2"    // optional
             debug="true" />  // optional

This class reads the stylesheet pointed to by cssFile and parses the selector names out, then uses the selector names to define scripting variables in the calling JSP.  Because each selector results in three scripting variables, and because not every JSP requires access to every selector, the JSP author has the ability to request that only a subset of the selectors be returned via the declare attribute.  If declare is not specified, all selectors are defined.

The debug attribute is interpreted as a boolean that controls debug output.

Efficiency would be improved if pageContext could be passed in to this class via the getVariableInfo() method from a runtime evaluated parameter, unfortunately there appears to be a TomCat bug that prevents this.  If it were possible, the method would check the application scope to see if the parsed stylesheet bean was already stored, otherwise it would parse the stylesheet and store the results as an application scope bean.

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 VariableInfo[] getVariableInfo(TagData data)
          Called at translation time by jasper.
static String replaceAll(String s, String oldStr, String newStr)
          Substitute newStr for oldStr in s.
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Constructor Detail


public JBrowCapsTagExtraInfo()
Method Detail


public VariableInfo[] getVariableInfo(TagData data)
Called at translation time by jasper.
getVariableInfo in class TagExtraInfo


public static String replaceAll(String s,
                                String oldStr,
                                String newStr)

Substitute newStr for oldStr in s.

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